We have developed a device that is fail-safe and self-checking. The Tork Winch - Posilok name has stood for revolutionary technology and innovative ideas ever since the firm was founded. The Tork Winch - Posilok brand is known for quality and service. With top-notch standards we provide the best product on the market.

Tork Winch - Posilok continues to set new and higher standards in the industry using smart technology and forward thinking. Our products are tested and validated by a world standard international testing laboratory.
Proactive thinking, a partnership mentality when working with customers and a focus on excellence is what drives our development.


Our designs are what drive your project to reach maximum potential and worry-free performance.

In use around the world, 
Tork Winch - Posilok technology has earned a reputation for providing innovative engineering in custom-designed products. Tork Winch - Posilok continues to set new standards in gymnasium safety.

Working for 
Tork Winch - Posilok means building a career where employees are challenged through meaningful work in a respectful and supportive environment.  We are passionate about performance and have a deep sense of caring for employees, families and the community.