About Us

The development of a device that would truly be fail-safe and self-checking has enabled us to provide the best product on the market. Tork Winch - Posilok (a subsidiary of Jeamar Winches Corporation) continues to set new and higher standards in the industry using smart technology and forward thinking. Our products are tested and validated by a world standard international testing laboratory.

Proactive thinking, a partnership mentality when working with customers and a focus on excellence is what drives our development.

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Our leadership

Our designs are what drive your project to reach maximum potential and worry-free performance.In use around the world, Tork Winch - Posilok (a subsidiary of Jeamar Winches Corporation) technology has earned a reputation for providing innovative engineering in custom-designed products. Tork Winch - Posilok (a subsidiary of Jeamar Winches Corporation) continues to set new standards in safety.

The quality of a company is expressed through the quality of its leadership. Tork Winch - Posilok (a subsidiary of Jeamar Winches Corporation) has benefited by having strong, decisive leaders at its helm, dedicated to the core principles of integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation.

We’re guided by a strong management team with a proven track record of delivering reliable products and growth through optimization.

Over seven years in the safety devices manufacturing industry and over twenty years of engineering technology combined to bring you advanced safety solutions for a variety of applications in today's market.

This combination of expertise in design for end use and a focus on results-oriented performance have enabled us to develop the best products in the industry.