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The Tork Winch - Posilok (a subsidiary of Jeamar Winches Corporation) PL2000 incorporates a strap extension length of 53 feet with an incredible strap breaking strength of 12000 lbs. The locking mechanism is fail-safe, meaning that any sticking, jamming or breakage of any of the components of the arresting mechanism results in immediate, positive locking of the reel.

In the event of an over-speed situation caused by a malfunction of the hoisting apparatus, such as winch, cable, pulley, support fitting issues etc., any increase in cycle speed, whether sudden or gradual, immediately activates the locking device.

The PL2000 has a maximum load rating of 2000 lbs and a solid trip speed of 1.5 fps/ 90 fpm. With factory options available such as a wall mounting bracket and I-beam mounting bracket, this is a great reliable product.

The locking mechanism is self-checking, meaning that during normal use the mechanism is in constant motion to prevent long-term binding or seizing caused by dirt or corrosion.